Hygeia SB100

Using a Globally Patented, Active Diamond Electrolytic Process Technology (ADEPT), we are able to create Aqueous Ozone (AO), a water-based sanitiser, as an alternative to traditional sanitisers and cleaners.

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Turn common tap water (O2) into super oxygenated water (O3).  Safely kills common pathogens that affect humans, animals, and plants.  Goodbye germs. Goodbye dirt, Goodbye odors, Goodbye spending money on chemicals.  Hello, clean.  Hello, savings.  Hello, healthy!

  • Blue and Red indicator lights assure you it’s working
  • One-touch button reduces operator fatigue
  • Polycarbonate design for strength even in commercial settings
  • Quick charger with “full battery” light indicator
  • EPA site registration #  MA-001
  • Ergonomic
  • Eliminates virtually all receiving handling and inventory carrying costs
  • Eliminates on-going replacement costs for chemicals
  • Eliminates all waste like spills and overuse
  • Perfect stability control—will never lose efficacy when sitting on the shelf
  • Eliminates all errors associated with mixing or dilution stations
  • Superior safety
  • Never run out of product as long as you have water
  • No need spending time traveling to and from a dilution station


  • Kills MRSA, E-Coli, C-Diff Spores, Salmonella, and other germs
  • Kill logs up to 99.999% within 30 seconds on hard surfaces
  • Eliminates odor



  • Leaves no residuals behind
  • USDA organic substance rating
  • Perfect stability control. Never loses efficacy while sitting on a shelf
  • FDA GRAS rating
  • TUV and CE certifications
  • No chemicals to spill
  • No chemicals to store or dispose


  • Eliminates ongoing chemical purchases.
  • Eliminates spill waste and overuse
  • Eliminates accidental chemical spills damage to assets like carpet
  • Eliminates all receiving, handling and inventory carrying costs
  • Multi purpose: deodorizer, sanitiser, multi purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, etc.



  • Eliminates all “chemical miles” associated with making, blending, storing, and transporting conventional chemicals.
  • Zero risks of spill hazards
  • Zero risks of downstream contamination

“How does this Killer work without harm?”

A couple of wizards from MIT figured out a way to make an electrolytic cell using a tiny diamond.  The cell is in the head of the trigger bottle right before the solution exits the spray head.  This ensures we are making aqueous ozone the moment the user demands it by pilling the trigger.  Out comes aqueous ozone.  No matter if you use it in the morning, night, the next week or even the next month, you will still get the same concentration of killer solution.

Of course, we conducted rigorous testing on a wide variety of surfaces with a variety of pathogens.  See our video showing the third-party labs where the testing was completed.